Braelin BR01 19x10.0 5x112mm +25 66.5mm HS

SKU: BR01-1900-44HN+25C664
Braelin BR01 19x10.0 5x112mm +25 66.5mm HS

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Model BR01
Weight 35.4
Manufacturer Braelin
Usage Summer, Winter
Finish Hyper Silver
Diameter (in) 19
Width (in) 10
Offset (mm) 25
Bolt Pattern 5x112
Center Bore (mm) 66.5

BR01 Wheels by Braelin


Braelin Wheels is a Canadian-owned and operated alloy wheel manufacturer and brand that caters to high-end luxury vehicles. Braelin's elegant designs aim to please by offering a perfect balance of stance and performance.

Without exception, every Braelin alloy passes through a complex series of computer algorithms to ensure exact precision is met for hub bore and pitch circle diameters, clearance of brake calipers and suspension components, as well as meeting load rating requirements.

Offered in various sizes, widths and offsets, Braelin sets itself apart from the competition by offering a proper fitment on almost any application.

Shoppers can shop with confidence knowing that Braelin Rims will clear their large sport calipers. Braelin Technicians begin by digitally 3D mapping suspension, hub and brake components, examine body dimensions and load capacities. In all, over 300 data points are recorded.

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At Wheelwiz, we are proud to offer the full Braelin collection.

Buy Braelin BR01 (BR01-1900-44HN+25C664) wheels online, shipped straight to your door anywhere in Canada. To find out which Braelin BR01 wheels are right for you, be sure to choose a vehicle or contact one of our experts to ensure a proper fit.

Other Available Sizes

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19 x 10BR01-1900-31HN+25C633$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-31HN+35C633$203.99VIEW
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19 x 10BR01-1900-44HN+25C571$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44FN+25C571$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44HN+25C664$210.99
19 x 10BR01-1900-44FN+25C664$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44HN+25C666$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44FN+25C666$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44HN+35C664$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-44HN+35C666$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65FN+25C660$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65HN+25C660$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65FN+25C670$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65HN+25C705$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65FN+25C705$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65FN+25C715$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65HN+25C715$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65HN+35C660$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-65HN+35C670$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-90FN+25C715$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-90HN+25C715$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12FN+25C601$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+25C601$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+25C726$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12FN+25C726$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+25C741$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12FN+25C741$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+35C601$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+35C669$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+35C670$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+35C726$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-12HN+35C741$203.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-61HN+25C739$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-61FN+25C739$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-53HN+25C715$210.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-53FN+25C715$198.99VIEW
19 x 10BR01-1900-53HN+35C715$203.99VIEW
19 x 8.5BR01-1985-65HN+35C641$206.90VIEW
19 x 8.5BR01-1985-90HN+25C715$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-31HN+25C633$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-44HN+25C571$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-44HN+25C664$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-44HN+25C666$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-65HN+25C660$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-65HN+25C670$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-65HN+25C705$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-65HN+25C715$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-65HN+45C705$260.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-90HN+25C715$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-12HN+25C601$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-12HN+25C726$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-12FN+25C726$230.02VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-12HN+25C741$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-61HN+25C739$170.99VIEW
20 x 10BR01-2000-53HN+25C715$170.99VIEW
22 x 10BR01-2200-44HN+20C665$294.99VIEW
22 x 10BR01-2200-90HN+20C715$294.99VIEW
22 x 10BR01-2200-12HN+20C726$294.99VIEW
22 x 10BR01-2200-53HN+20C715$294.99VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-44HN+20C665$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-65HN+20C601$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-65HN+20C641$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-65HN+20C703$170.26VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-65HN+20C705$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-90HN+20C715$170.26VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-12HN+20C726$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-12HN+20C741$299.37VIEW
22 x 9BR01-2290-73HN+20C715$299.37VIEW

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