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Ohm Lightning Gloss Black 18x8.5 +30 5x120mm 64.1mm

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Product may vary from image or product description. Concavity, spoke curvature and lip size will depend on wheel diameter, width and offset.
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Model Lightning
Manufacturer SKU 1885LTG305120B64
Manufacturer Ohm
Usage Summer, Winter
Finish Gloss Black
Diameter (in) 18
Width (in) 8.5
Offset (mm) 30
Bolt Pattern 5x120
Center Bore (mm) 64.1
Backspacing (Imperial) 5.930
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Buy Ohm Lightning (1885LTG305120B64) wheels online, shipped straight to your door anywhere in Canada. To find out which Ohm Lightning wheels are right for you, be sure to choose a vehicle or contact one of our experts to ensure a proper fit.

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